On my soapbox...sorta!

I have noticed a trend in my blogging: it is always after 10:00 PM. Hmmmmm....We got home tonight from a 12 day trip that included 2 revivals, some vehicle repair, I saw old friends, family I don't get to see and ate at some of my favorite restaurants! HA! But, the best part, and my favorite was seeing people saved! In case you can't tell, I love what I do!

My solo CD is almost finished! Tomorrow we cut vocals on the final song. I am excited about this project. It's so much more me than my first one. I can not wait for everyone to hear it. There are some great songs, with encouraging and powerful messages. I had great producers, background vocalists and a great husband who all made me sound pretty good! We're also finishing up our new duet project. It will be another month or so before it is available, but we're equally excited about it as well.

I have had something pretty heavy on my heart the last few weeks. What I am about to say is not meant to offend or hurt anyone, but it's an observation and something I feel is important. I have noticed the past few trips that where we've been, the pastor is very discouraged. It makes me sad. I fully understand the demands of pastoring and what it's like probably as good as any other child or wife of a pastor. It breaks my heart. I've met some wonderful Men of God who love serving Him but they are in some pretty awful circumstances or they are burnt out. Bob and I both felt like in those cases that it was God ordained that we were there to encourage the pastor and wife. I hope and pray that we aren't taking our pastor for granted and that we lift them up daily and do our best to support them and follow their leadership. It is not the pastors job to grow the church, mow the lawn, solve petty issues between complacent laymen, and clean the toilets! Some of us need to get off our blessed assurance and work for the Kingdom! I'll stop there because I do not want to get on a soapbox and say more than I should....but please, pray, love and support your pastor.

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