A Long Awaited Update!

It's been waaaay too long.

 What's my excuse you say..... Well....

One week before Christmas, to my great surprise, I found out I was pregnant! Two weeks after Christmas,we found out we were having twins!!! I am now almost 21 weeks along and we're having GIRLS!!! Chloe Elizabeth and Hannah Grace will make their entrance into the world in early August and we are so excited! Shopping for little girl stuff is SO fun! I've already had two baby showers and still have one to go and we've been abundantly blessed with some precious things for our babies! We can't wait!

Are we still going to travel and minister? That is the question I get asked A.LOT! The answer is YES! It will no doubt be different, need adjusting and our schedule will change but the Call of God has not changed. I can't wait to teach these girls to sing and to sing harmony!

It's pretty miraculous when I stop and think about it; I was diagnosed officially a type 2 diabetic in October and got pregnant in November! One month! I am so thankful for my doctors especially Dara, my Endocrinologist- she has become so near and dear to me and always a text or a call away. I am glad I quit putting off going to see her. I feel great and am doing great! My blood sugars are running very normal and ALL of my medical team is happy! I shouldn't be surprised about any of this....with God ALL things are possible!

SO, this is one big long pregnancy/baby update post....I will try and do better about sharing and posting more as we go along.

Our travel schedule is busy, life is good and we have a lot going on! I couldn't be more thankful!

I guess I should change the title of this blog? Ya think? Maybe add another "M" word?


  1. Marriage, Music, Ministry and Milestones or you could go with Miracles....hee hee love you guys!