If you know me well at all you know I am a HUGE "Little House on the Prairie" fan. I have watched every episode multiple times over. Never gets old!

One of my favorite quotes ever is the one above by Laura Ingalls Wilder. 

I get asked ALL.THE.TIME. about Home. "Where is home for you?" "Where do you live?" "I thought you moved?" And on and on.....and I understand most of the questions. I really do.

However, Home has a new meaning to me than it used to. 

Bob and I and our girls don't live a traditional, conventional life. I mean in a lot of ways we do. But, we don't have our own home. We don't own nor rent a home. We no longer live in a parsonage or a home we own. 

We haven't lived in our own home, just us for almost 5 years. Most of the time we are OK with it. Sometimes, we long to just be the Wilkerson Party of 4 and have things exactly how we want them.

But, when our condo sold that my in-laws owned that we lived in almost 5 years ago,we temporarily moved in with them. We were traveling so much and didn't have children so it really wasn't a big deal. My Father in law began a pretty rigorous re-model/addition to the lower level of their house and soon we had our own living area, bedroom, bathroom and plenty of space.

Fast forward a couple years and to our surprise we were expecting our girls and the decision was made to have them in Illinois where I am from and where my parents still live. Naturally, I had to be there more and more for doctor appointments and eventually maternity leave and the babies birth. Since then, we have spent a great deal of time in my parent's home in Illinois- the girls have their own adorable nursery. Bob and I have our spaces and it's another wonderful set up and arrangement.

Our parents are great people. All four of them. Not all parents would literally allow their homes to be transformed into a toy room and sometimes a glorified mess. Not all parents would be able to handle the craziness of our comings and goings and offer support, guidance, love, prayers and so much more. But ours do.

I love Nashville. I love my friends that are there that I can see. I love my in-laws, that, when they're not in their home in Florida are there and at the drop of a hat will help with the girls,cook and clean and do everything they can do support us. I love our church that we rarely get to attend, I love the restaurants. I love the shopping. I love the beauty of Tennessee. 

I love Illinois. I love my friends that are there. I love my other home church that I get to be at some. I love my parents who help with the girls in tremendous ways. My Dad who will fix anything that I manage to break, My Mom who takes me on shopping trips and makes all of our favorite foods. I love the restaurants and the shopping I grew up on. I love the mid-west. It's home.

So, when you ask me where we live. Sometimes it's a hard answer. I get mail in two places. I have a drivers license that says one thing and a car tag says another. I call both home. I am comfortable in both places. I love both places. So often my heart is torn. 

I feel like so many times I have 3 lives. Road life. Illinois life. Tennessee life. Seriously. I have 3 distinct routines. My head and body adjust and adapt rather quickly to each.

It won't always be this way. I know that. I know, one day, whenever that is, we will settle in one firm place and that will be OK.  I am content and quite happy to enjoy each season that God gives us.

I am convinced Home is where the Heart is. 

If I am in a hotel with my husband and girls in a town somewhere in our great nation I am home. 

If I am in my bedroom watching a movie eating popcorn as I often do in Illinois,  I am home.

If I am downstairs in our living area at my desk writing or working in Tennessee,  I am home.

Home REALLY is the nicest word there is to me!

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