Loving Like Jesus

It was a hot Wednesday afternoon. We were set to begin revival in a couple hours and he walked in The Church. We were in the midst of setting up and sound check and he walked down the aisle of the sanctuary looking sweaty, tired and helpless. He asked if we knew where he could get clothes and possibly some food.

Great, I thought, I am worn out, hot and in a great deal of pain and I do not have time for this. 

We began to talk to him and listen to his story. He began to tell us he'd like to come to church that night and that he was serious about being a christian and living for The Lord. I knew he was sincere and really needing some help.

A, as we'll call him had just gotten out of jail that morning and only had the clothes on his back. He and his six month pregnant wife, S were living in the local cheap hotel for a few days. They had nothing. Literally nothing. Because of choices their 2 little girls were living with grandparents and family and friends had written them off...they would never change, they'd never get it right.

We spent a lot of time with A and S during that week. We (along with some generosity of someone else)  helped them get clothing, hygiene products, food, worked to find them a home, job, car introduced them to people in the church and tried to do the best we could to help them before we left town. I exhausted every resource to find them a place to live that I could. I couldn't bear the thought of them being homeless after we left. 

On the last service of the revival, S got saved~ It was precious to pray with her and see the instant transformation that was made. To see the happy, glowing complexion of A as his wife surrendered her life to Jesus was beautiful. To see God work in their lives and marriage was absolutely amazing.

After the Sunday morning closing service a sweet couple in the church asked to meet with us and A and S. As we sat in that little circle this couple offered them a place to live (rent free and fully furnished) and a car to drive! I nearly shouted and ran the aisles. Tears filled my eyes and I could hardly speak. The church decided to throw them a baby shower for A Jr. who is due early December! I was in total awe at how God was working in this situation and how HE had spoken to the hearts of the church people.

A and S hadn't shared all of their story with the folks there and what little they did share didn't seem to shock or turn the folks of the church away.  I was dancing on the inside and couldn't stop smiling.

As we left town that Sunday afternoon I cried. I couldn't stop crying or smiling. It was very hard to tell them goodbye but we knew God had them in the palm of His hand and they'd be OK. 

On Tuesday after we got home, I got a phone call. It was S telling me they were able to get their own phone AND that A had been offered a WONDERFUL job that day and was starting the next day! WOO HOO! God is SO good! To hear the change and tone in their voices was priceless. 

I wanted to write and share this NOT because I think Bob and I should receive some praise and thanksgiving. NO. NO. NO. Not. At. All. 

I wanted to share this story, (and trust me there is a WHOLE LOT MORE that could be said, but until S and A allow me, I will leave it here) because it proved to me once again that God is up to something.

 He is alive and well. He hears us. He still saves. He still redeems, He is still cleaning up the crack addict, still changing the heart of the coldest, meanest sinner. He LOVES US!

I still have tears in my eyes as I write this and as I've talked to them on the phone. I can't wait to see how God uses them! I know He will.

I know beyond a shadow of a doubt we were sent to a little church in Carmi, IL for this couple. Yes, God spoke and did great things in the  lives of others that week but we were sent there on an assignment from God to minister to this sweet young couple who so desperately needed Jesus.

I will be honest. I didn't want to go. I wanted to stay home because physically I was dealing with a lot and felt awful. Standing up to sing that entire week was almost impossible. Yet, I have to tell you. I had an anointing that week to sing and minister a fresh and anew and the pain searing through my body didn't seem to stop me or hinder me from the work of the Lord. 

I am so glad I didn't wimp out and stay home....the Call of God is too strong and evident to not show up for work when He calls. 

Love like Jesus. Be Jesus even when it hurts. He is faithful. He is still working miracles in hearts and lives today! 

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