Some Lessons Learned...

It's been two whole weeks since I last blogged. Wow. So much has happened. As always, it's been hectic and crazy. Bob fully recovered from being sick and life is back to normal as far as that is concerned. We sang at the TN Dist Single's Retreat last weekend in Dickson, TN. I have to say, it was a phenominal retreat. Gene and Joyce Williams were the speakers. They are fantastic. I hadn't met them until retreat. Bob knew them quite well. They were wonderful and we enjoyed much fellowship. I absolutely soaked in their messages as they preached the Word and encouraged the hearts of the people. It was a privilege to minister with them. I am looking forward to our next weekend together in a few months!

We got home from the retreat and began a very crazy 72 hours to get ready for our MCM Night of Hope. It was this past Tuesday. I have to say, it was A LOT of hard, hard work and a lot of time. I have to be honest, we had set a financial goal that the ministry needed to reach that night and I honestly didn't think we'd reach it. On Monday night I began to get texts and  emails from people who were sick, couldn't make it, etc....and I was freaking out. My attitude began to shift from excited to frustrated. When Tuesday evening rolled around and guests began to show up, things were in place and I was felling alright. We had delicious food, great volunteers and awesome music. Yet, in my heart, I didn't think we were going to come close to our goal and I knew what that meant for not only Bob and I personally but for MCM as an entire ministry. Jeff and Sue Duffield, who are new friends we met through our dear friends Jimmy and Liz McMillan, were our special guests. They are so talented. (In fact, check out their website, or and see for yourself.) Sue is hilarious. She's not only a great singer, but a comedian (or comedienne?) She wasn't that funny Tuesday evening. I didn't quite get why at first and thought to myself, "oh joy, people aren't going to laugh enough and they won't give." Silly me.  When it was over, a sweet girl that Bob and I and know came up to me and Sue and told us how encouraged she was by Sue's ministry and how if nothing else, this night ministered to her. My heart melted. I was frustrated and panicked because I just knew we were nowhere close to our financial goal. As I listened to this precious woman tell us a little a bout what is going on in her life,I was talking to the Lord inside and ranting and raving because I knew things weren't looking good.  Now, here is the good part. I was SO wrong! God really showed up and showed out! One of our dear friends and supporters at MCM, who also happens to be a talented actress, model and author was at the dinner. She shared with the guests her passion and love for this ministry and how much she believed in us. Then at the end, she says, "I will match every dollar that comes in for this evening personally." My jaw hit the floor. WHAT????? She repeated herself and we all finally got it. What a surprise and shock. When it was all said and done and the money had been counted, we had MORE THAN met our goal! All I can say is, Thank You, Jesus!  I honestly didn't believe we'd come close. The amount needed to raise wasn't enormous or out of reach, I just doubted. I repented and cried and rejoiced and all kinds of other stuff. My husband ran out on the side of the road screaming and shouting at what God has done and how He had blessed.

Here's my lesson learned: God didn't answer or provide in the way I thought He would and that's good! It means I have to trust Him with everything I have even when fear, panic and doubt invade my mind and heart. I also learned that when we are obedient and do the right thing and stay faithful that He will take care of and provide for His children.

Bob and I have been in lots of prayer and discussion over our future, our ministries and personal lives. I can safely say that there will be some changes made this next year. (and NO, we are not moving nor am I pregnant.) I have been fearful because we really do live by faith in the type of ministry we are in and often you find your faith a little shaky. Gene Williams preached a powerful message that I can not get away from and the quote that has stayed with me is this "He has engraved us on the palm of His hand." How true that is. You see, I don't have to know why, I don't have to have all the answers, crazy things are going to happen,  may be out of money, vehicles may be broke down, people will act like fools and hurt you, but guess what???? He has ME engraved on the palm of HIS hand! And the cool thing is, He has you engraved there, too! My heart rejoices today because I am HIS child and He loves me more than life and I can rest in His hand tonight. So can you, my friends...


  1. Isn't it amazing that although we have to learn that lesson over and over again, it is so good to see the lesson played out? I am happy for you & Bob and will be keeping my eyes open to see what you will be doing next! MCM provides a great service to the south part of the city of Nashville and I'm glad it will be continuing. As I've said before, people don't want to hear about Christ as much as they want to "see" Christ. I believe that MCM is Christ personified. Good job! Love ya!