One Year!

I simply can not believe Bob and I were married a year ago today! Where has the time gone? It seriously seems like yesterday. We had a wonderful time on our vacation last week. We went to lots of shows, shopped, ate at some yummy places, took a helicopter ride and enjoyed being together! I absolutely LOVE the Smoky Mountains! Our last two days there we joined up with other Nazarene Ministers and their Mates for the annual retreat the district has. It was quite relaxing as well and we had a great time with friends and enjoyed a beautiful room and view at our hotel! We returned home early Thursday morning and spent about 4 hours at home and then headed to Carrier Mills, IL for a concert that evening. We sang for the Catskin Days Festival. It was fun! Except, I swallowed a bug halfway through a song and thought I'd nearly die! YUCK! My parents actually came so that was super nice. We enjoyed dinner with them afterwards then began the 4 hour drive back home. We got home about 3 AM Friday morning and slept in! Needless to say, the unpacking and laundry process is in full swing here. Bob began feeling sick Friday evening after we went to dinner with his parents. He woke up Saturday with no voice! :(  Thankfully, Royce, my Father-in-law is always willing to preach on last minute's notice. So, my poor husband laid in bed most of today. What a way to spend our first anniversary! In all honesty, it hasn't been so bad. Other than poor Bob not feeling well, I am just happy we can be together and that we have each other. Life is so short and I want to savor each and everyday with the ones I love. This first year of marriage has taught me a lot. I still have much to learn. There are days we still make adjustments to things (like how the toilet paper goes on the roll!) and have to talk things out and work on communicating. But, it's all part of the journey. I have been sad to see our first year end. I am not sure why. We are just beginning. God has so much in store for our lives and I am anxious to see what the next year brings. So, goodbye, year #1, it has been good, challenging and sometimes hard. But, I am ready for this next chapter and looking forward with anticipation to seeing what God does!

I hope and pray you are looking forward, too.....year #2, here we GO!

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