It's October!

I can't believe October is here! In 8 days, I'll celebrate me one year wedding anniversary. Seems unreal. I am sitting in our hotel suite in Gatlinburg enjoying the first morning of our vacation! It felt SO good so sleep in, wake up to the tv on and pre-game football stuff and my husband smiling at me! Today's agenda includes: swimming in a bit, watching the Miami/Clemson game then heading out to a Mystery Dinner Theatre tonight. I am sure we'll shop and maybe play a round of miniature golf today as well or something like that. But, we're here and already having a great time and ready for fun and relaxation!

I haven't blogged in over a week. I feel behind. But, I'll try to catch up on some stuff. I went to IL last week on Wednesday evening. My life-long friend Cindy was getting married on Saturday and I was her Matron of Honor. It was great to be at Mom and Dad's for a couple days and be with them. I did some shopping, went to the dentist, ran errands for Mom and Dad (they LOVE having me there to do that), and ate Imo's Pizza! YUM! On Friday, we headed to Champaign, IL for the wedding. My brother met us there, as he was an usher. It was SO great to be together. Aaron is SO funny and next to Bob, can make laugh more than anyone! It was weird just being the four of us together, since Bob and Courtney (Aaron's girlfriend) weren't able to come. But, we had a lot of fun and a lot of laughs! :) I also got to spend time with Rebekah Friday night. We watched a movie, talked and talked and ate and ate! Bekah and I have been friends since we were 3. We've literally grown up together and have been the best of friends most of our life. I love her! The wedding Saturday was nice and flowed together beautifully. LeeAnne was also there, one of my bestest friends and was Cindy's Bridal Attendant and did an outstanding job. So, I had a few of my family and friends there to keep me laughing and smiling! I flew home REALLY early Sunday morning to Nashville and got home just in time for church. We had a special baptism service and I needed to be there. I was extremely tired, but happy to be home and with my husband. Sunday night we had a wonderful group of people come to MCM to do some service projects, they did an outstanding job. It was fun.

Monday- Thursday were spent running lots of errands, catching up on office work,  laundry, cleaning, a short visit with our friend Sam who was passing thru Nashville, unpacking and repacking. Yesterday, Friday we left for our anniversary trip/vacation! WOW! I am excited to be here and be with my husband and just hang out and laugh- which we do A LOT!

Well, I could write a lot more serious, thought provoking thoughts other than a rundown of my life, but since it's vacation, I'm going to hold off. I have plenty to say and for now the other can wait....the pool is calling me....

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