Catching Up...

I will preface this blog with this: This is not a super spiritual blog. I have had a lot of questions as to  what I was doing in Texas a few weeks ago and have wanted to know what is going on with me. So, I am going to explain things now. I have meant to write this for two weeks but, life keeps happening!

On December 23rd, my friends, Jimmy and Liz called me and asked if I could fill in for their tenor singer, Devin for 3 weeks. Devin's Mom had fallen and broke both of her ankels and he was needed at home for a while to help take care of her. Being a friend of theirs and a fan of their group, McMillan and Life, it was not difficult to say yes. The hardest part was leaving Bob. So, we left my parents on December 28th and headed back home so I could unpack and re-pack and learn a few songs! On December 30th the big motorhome pulled up outside our house and I hopped on. We were gone for 19 days. It was a great trip. I met a lot of great people, had a blast singing and learned a lot. Jimmy and Liz are very supportive, loving friends to Bob and I and I love being with them and learning from them. They work hard, are selfless and mean and live every word of what they sing. I was happy to get home, but really enjoyed singing with them. We ate some GREAT food, shopped, and best of all, they took me to Southfork in Dallas! (if you don't know, I am a HUGE fan of the show Dallas.)

While I was on the road with Jimmy and Liz, I received a call from another group who had asked me to fill in for them a few months back. This group, The Chuck Wagon Gang has asked me to travel with them late summer through November. I am excited about this opportunity as well and will be singing all over the place and am sure I'll meet lots of new friends, too.

Since coming home, I have been learning hundreds of CWG songs, working on a new CD with my husband, booking solo and revival dates as well as being a pastors wife and all of the Public Relations and other things with Music City Mission. I have a lot of irons in the fire. I will be very honest, I am a little overwhelmed. But, I am excited. We have so many great things planned this year and am excited to walk into each opportunity the Lord puts in front of me. I am extremely blessed. I get to do what I love- minister and tell people about Jesus!

Since returning from this trip, I have had several well meaning people say to me, "Oh, how glamorous!" I would respectfully like to say this: There is nothing glamorous about riding in a motorhome down the interstate for hours on end. There is nothing glamorous about toting equipment in and out and setting up and tearing down and then doing it all over again!  There is nothing glamorous about the bus or motorhome breaking down and you're in the middle of nowhere. I could go on, but you get the picture.  Yes, it is a privilege and a thrill to stand on any platform and sing about Jesus. Yes, I love it. But, it is not glamorous. Ministry is far from glamorous.

So, I look forward to the rest of this year with hope and anticipation of what God will do. I am praying for a great harvest of souls, for God to be glorified in all that we do and that I will live my life pleasing to Him. It's a fun, crazy life. But it's mine and I am thankful!

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