Gods Goodness and My Gall Bladder...

I have been pretty quiet about all that's been going on with us lately. It's been an incredibly crazy time. It seems I say that a lot, but it is the truth.

On June 22nd, I found out that my gall bladder had to be removed. After weeks of intense pain after everything I ate, I finally went to the doctor. He immediately ordered an ultra-sound which showed numerous gall stones and sent me to a surgeon. I saw the surgeon that afternoon who confirmed that it must come out. I was relieved to know what was wrong and happy to know it could be fixed, but I was worried, scared and fearful of how we could pay for it. We do not have health insurance. We haven't for a while. The church we were pastoring was never able to pay for us to have it and it is simply not an option when you are in ministry like we are. We have saved and done our best to take care of ourselves and be prepared for emergencies, but this was a shock and we weren't prepared.

In the midst of this, we have kept our schedule and been busy and have had some incredible services. The last week of June we were in Branson for the Branson Gospel Music Revival. We had a great week and spent time with friends, made new friends, enjoyed great fellowship and heard great music. We left there and immediately went to IL to sing. On Sunday morning while loading, our laptop was stolen right out of our vehicle. We run all of our trax from that particular laptop, it had Bob's sermons, our schedule and a lot of  other important stuff. I was in shock and so disappointed that someone could do this. We went ahead with our services that day. We had to totally adjust what we do and thankfully Bob is an amazing pianist and so we made it and had great services.

Within 24 hours, a new laptop had been purchased for us by someone and we had it within the week to take out the next weekend. I had just enough time to reload most of our trax from my back up drive and do a few other things. I called home to the person who manages our mail while we are gone and there were checks in our mailbox from friends from across the country who had been praying for me and wanted to help our ministry and with the expense of my surgery. I had some notices that folks had donated funds online. I was amazed and completely and utterly speechless.

I have seen God do the impossible the last few weeks. I haven't even shared all of the details of what's been happening, but God is so good and has provied and answered prayers in more ways that I could ever dream.

I was reminded of the hymn my Grandpa used to sing, it was one of his favorites. "He never has failed me yet..." how true that is!

On Monday morning, I will take my thankful self to the surgeon and have my gall bladder out! I am so ready for it to go. I am thankful my gall bladder has to come out, because it has taught me so much and I am eternally grateful.

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  1. Thank the Lord for answered prayers!

    Just reading and listening to a devotion this morning about singing a new song of praise to God each day. It was a good reminder for me, and your praise testimony went right along with it. Didn't realize that you were having trouble with your gallbladder & will be praying for your up coming surgery. Even in the midst of our struggles and trials, God is good to take care of us.