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We've been in Florida this past week. It's been a fun week filled with friends and ministry and a whole lot of eating, fun and driving- with very little sleep! Tomorrow we head home for a couple of days before leaving out again. I have to admit, I am a little road weary. I love what we do. It is my heart. My passion. But there are moments that I just need to be at home. Tomorrow morning we'll hit the road and hopefully make it home for 2 1/2 days that are already jam packed!

Tonight we were at a church in Orlando, FL. We hadn't been there before and didn't know anyone at the church or the pastor. It was a great service. The church knew how to worship! They wanted to be there, you could sense that and it was a wonderful time.

The pastor and his wife lost their 18 year old son exactly 2 months ago. He was walking home in the dark when a car hit him and killed him. So sad, so tragic. Needless to say, this precious couple is grieving. I watched the pastor's wife during the service. She was broken, yes. Her grief is fresh. But, I noticed that she smiled, sang along when she recognized a song and she worshipped. She didn't half heartedly worship. No, she threw her hands up, stood up and with big tears looked toward the heavens and said " I will praise You, Lord no matter what." I watched her and was quite captivated over what I saw.

I thought to myself, "I need to make sure I say something very profound and life-changing to her." I mean, after all, I was the guest evangelist in their church and she needed to hear from me! How dumb. As the service went on, I thought, "Lord, what am I supposed to say to her? I have to say something!" Nothing came...other than "I'm so sorry." or "I'm praying for you."

The end of the service ended powerfully with people at the altar and folks worshipping. We kept singing until the pastor was ready to close. His sweet wife went down and prayed with people and ministered even while she was grieving, hurting, confused, weary and a host of other emotions. I was brought to tears. It was in that moment I realized I don't have to say a word. The Holy Spirit already has. He had spoken to her heart and numerous others. He had encouraged, uplifted, spoken peace and hope. He didn't need me to do anything else. I had sung songs and obeyed what the Lord had asked us to do.

How often do we try to do the work ourselves instead of allowing God to be God? I know I'm guilty there. For my friends and colleagues in the ministry, how many times do we do what's comfortable instead of flowing in the anointing and allowing the Holy Spirit to do the work?

I know I am challenged to keep my mouth shut more and listen to His voice. I know I want to trust that God knows what He is doing better than we ever could and it's really NOT about me (or you) but Jesus.

By the way, she pastors wife and I did speak. But, she did the talking and actually encouraged me, thanked me and said she is praying for me! WOW! And I was supposed to encourage her? I love how God works. He does it so much better than me!

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