An Ode to Summer

September 1. Really? Already? My Grandma was right when she said time does seem to pass by quicker as you age.

I am in my hotel room in Memphis, TN today and reflecting on all that has gone on this summer. It has been busy, but a lot of fun. I felt a little sad that summer is over.

Yet, a new season, fall is upon us! I love fall! For so many reasons.

But, summer has been good to me.....

1. our travel schedule were very busy.
2. we had some wonderful services, revivals and festivals that we were blessed to minister at.
3. I got to be a counselor at Children's Camp in Illinois, my home district. It was a blast. Seeing kid's give their hearts to Jesus blesses me more than I can describe. Getting the flu was not fun, but I am so thankful my Mom was nearby to help me (and clean it up!) LOL...
4. I got to spend a ton of time with my parents- my mom and dad are so selfless and generous. They have literally allowed us to have tons of space and room at their house because our schedule has us in their area a lot. It's so nice. I feel like a kid again! We have a lot of fun being together, too!
5. I tried some Pinterest recipes and they were great!
6. My Dad took me shopping and I got 4 dresses for $8 each! Such a fun way to spend the 4th of July!
7. I got to see my brother, Aaron a couple times and we laughed and laughed like always.
8. I was able to spend time with my bff's Thad and Katie and my sweet Emma. Celebrating her birthday, swimming, going to camp, having a sleepover, etc....and the best news of the summer: THEY ARE MOVING BACK TO IL! I couldn't be happier. They move next week! Aunt JJ couldn't be happier.
9. I worked on arranging and planning my new Christmas project. (vocals this week to finish it) and it was kind of interesting in 90+degree weather to be rehearsing Christmas music!
10. I had fun, along with my husband working out, eating healthier and all in all just feeling better.
11. I played a ton of Rook with friends and my god-parents. One of my favorite things to do!
12. I watched 6 seasons of Little House on the Prairie! I am now a season and a half away from having watched every episode of the entire series. What will I do when it's over?

So, goodbye summer. You've been good to us. We've been blessed. Bring on the fall. Our fall season will be full, but I am ready and anticipating great things.

"Great is Thy faithfulness, Lord, unto me!"

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