Heritage of Holiness

This past weekend we were honored to be invited to Cloverdale, IN to the Cloverdale Church of the Nazarene. This church is quite special because it is the first church my Dad pastored. He and my Mom were young, 22-23 when they went there. I was born while they were there.

We moved to Illinois when I was 10 months old so my memories of Cloverdale, Indiana are, well, pretty much non-existent. However, through the years I've been blessed to meet some of the special people there and visit.

My parents went with us this weekend so they could see the folks who loved them and nurtured them 30 something years ago. They had a wonderful time seeing some special folks. I had a neat time hearing stories, watching them love on my parents and getting better acquainted with my first baby-sitter, Juanetta. She told me how much she adored changing my diaper. (yes, she did really say this!) She is sweet and it was nice to visit with her.

Our Sunday morning service there was wonderful. There was a sweet, sweet spirit in the place and the folks responded so well and the presence of the Lord truly was there.

As I listened to story after story from folks all weekend I was reminded how blessed I am.

You see, the best gift my grand-parents and  parents have ever given me is that they have loved Jesus and shown me Jesus. I have a wonderful, beautiful, godly heritage of holiness that has been lived out right before me.

I am honored to bear the mantle and continue in ministry. I hope I am always reminded of the precious gift I've been given. I pray I always make those who've gone before me proud.

I love this lyric that one of my fellow Nazarene song evangelists wrote:

"I don't want to lose the vision. I don't want to take for granted this heritage of holiness that has been passed on. I don't want to lose the fire, I don't want to lose the glory and I long for His outpouring all across the land!"

That is my heart's cry. May it be done, Lord Jesus.

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