Random Musings....

Here it is August already! Seems like the summer has literally flown by. We've been pretty busy and have lots going on. So, for those who continually ask me for updates, I am going to give you lots of random updates right now! Here goes....

1. My wonderful husband is doing amazing well with his weight loss. We got to go clothes shopping for him last week and he is in a size 48 waist pants! Amazing considering he was a 58 a year ago! WOO-HOO!

2. My weight loss is going well. I am at a wall and have only lost 5 lbs the last month or so. But, I am slowly getting back to walking and guzzling water and my routines. I am also doing a Beachbody challenge that my friend April is leading in a few weeks so I am excited. I am excited to do some more 5k's and even 10k's this next year!

3. I have been on the road for 38 days as of today. We won't be home until Labor Day. And we'll only be home a week. But, we're having a blast.

4. Two weeks ago I was a counselor at Children's Camp in Illinois. (my home) My Mom also went. It was amazing! I had 8 girls in my cabin. One was my sweet Emma Grace and the other was Ally, who is one of my dearest friends, Brook's daughter. I had sweet, precious girls that I dearly love. I got to pray with 4 of them to accept Jesus into their hearts! YAY! The best part ever was letting them call home and tell their families. I cried as I heard their reactions! On Thursday night of camp, I felt strange. I was cold. I am rarely freezing cold. I began to get sick about 1:30AM. At 3AM I had to wake my Mom up to help me and it all went down hill from there....I will spare you the details, but let's just say it was gross! My husband had to come and pick me up Friday morning and drag me home (my IL home which is my parents) and put me in bed. I was in bed for about 48 hours very weak and dehydrated. I was unable to travel to TN to sing that Sunday morning, but thankfully, the church where we were going was very understanding and sweet about it.  Anyways, I recovered, thankfully!

5. However, after the flu bug left, Bronchitis came and has been slow to leave! UGH! I made it through a revival and 3 concerts this last week with it, but by Sunday night I was begging Bob to sing some solos! He obliged and did a great job! I did get some medicine and am about back to 100%!

6. We are delayed on production for our Christmas CD. Our schedule has just been ridiculously crazy and busy that we are behind. We think we can still get it completed by fall, but it'll be tough. I am praying for the time to be there so we can!

7. We are heading into our fall crunch time season. I thought summer was busy, but our fall is slammed. I am, however, very thankful! God has been SO good to us and blessed beyond my wildest dreams.

8. I am now a fan of Nutella! YES, It is amazing! I went to Wal-Mart today and got a big container of it. I have been looking up recipes on Pinterest to try stuff with is. But, for tomorrow morning, I am going to use it on toast. I am going to have to convince Mom, Dad and Bob how wonderful it is, but I am up for task!

9. We are still in negotiations for new locations for Music City Mission. (www.musiccitymission.org). God has opened some doors and closed some others, but we are excited and committed to do what God has called us to do. So, more info on that as it develops.

10. I have been watching a ton of Little House on the Prairie. I know, I know, kinda cheesy to some. But, it's my favorite show. Bob got me the entire series for Christmas and I keep it at Mom and Dad's in my old room and often work in here and watch it on my TV. It's awesome. Bob watched some last night with me! I am addicted to getting through the whole series before the end of the year!

Well, I told a friend on Sunday night when I was asked if I was happy, "YES, I am living my dream." I truly am. God is good and I love serving HIM!

Until next time....keep a song in your heart!

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