The Power of Forgiveness

This week a miracle happened for me.

A divine appointment only God could have orchestrated.

I sat down with someone and asked them to forgive me.

You see, a big mis-understanding had taken place and caused much friction, chaos, confusion and hurt.

I can not begin to explain the weight that came off of me when the air was cleared and the things that needed to be said were said.

I learned that my words, even when I THINK or FEEL I am right need to be thought over and prayed over before I write or speak them. 

I learned that my perspective may be the truth but not the WHOLE truth.

I learned that it is best, no matter the situation to pick up the phone, send an email, go visit the person and work it out....avoiding it doesn't solve it.

And, I learned that I am not always right. (smile) I was wrong.  The tears flowed as we prayed together because I knew my words had hurt. I had said and thought things that were not true. I had been mis-informed, but I was still wrong.

What opportunities and blessings have I missed this last year because of this? Breaks my heart....

I praise God for the divine appointment He allowed for me. I thank Him that a relationship is restored and that we are moving forward.

Don't hold grudges. Talk things out. Pray, seek the face of God.


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