Summer in review and setting the record straight!

I am in amazement that is is late August. Where did Summer go? It's been a whirlwind, busy time, yet I've loved just about every minute of it. So, sit back, relax, grab a lemonade and let's catch up!

Firs of all, let me make something clear. I get asked this same question almost daily, so, since this is my blog, I am going to set the record straight. We live in Nashville, TN. We have our own home there. Our travel schedule takes us to IL, IN, MO and that part of the country A LOT. (or it has the last 3 years) My hometown is Belleville, IL where my parents live and pastor. Because we usually have 2-3 days off in between dates, we live out of my parents home from time to time. This year that has been a lot. But, we have no plans of buying a house in IL or leaving TN. We love our life, church, friends and family in TN and we love our family, friends and church in IL as well. But, Nashville is home for us and for our ministry.

Sooooo, since there's so much to tell, I'll break it down this way....

- We wrapped up our spring revival season first of June in Illinois (you have to ask?) and it was awesome. It was great to see friends and make new ones. The county sheriff attended the church where we were and he and I bonded instantly. I promised to not speed in the county while we were there! I am thankful for such a great end to our spring season. God truly met with us.

- My cousin was married the first weekend of June and our whole family was together and took part in the wedding. It was a fun time!

- Our 2nd project together, "Heritage of Holiness" released the week before General Assembly and I have been amazed at the comments and response from it. I am so thankful we were able to go back and record some of these classic songs and give them a fresh sound! It's available at all of our revivals, concerts and meetings or on our website,

- General Assembly in Indianapolis was, well, awesome! The biggest family reunion you'll ever have and we had a blast. We had a booth with a group of fellow Nazarene evangelists and it was fun connecting, networking and seeing old friends. We even made some new ones! One of the highlights for me was the Evangelists Gathering we were a part of. I sat in amazement and looked around the room as we were singing at those who'd influenced me as a kid and it was awesome to hug them and thank them for their years of service to the Kingdom! Of course the worship services with thousands of fellow Christians is nothing short of amazing. I am thankful we were a small part of such an amazing event in the life of our church.

- I also had my first bout with Sciatica. It was less than pleasant. I went about a month with little sleep, a lot of pain but, thanks to my chiropractor, ibuprofen and ice, I made it! I now have greater understanding for those who deal with this on a regular basis!

- In my previous post I wrote about my apprehension of being on the IL District for camp meeting. I have to admit, my fears were instantly washed away when I stepped up the first night and began the first song. God truly came and showed up during camp meeting. It was an honor to be a part and serve on my home district. I saw so many old friends, got lots of hugs and a lot of encouragement. To be on the  platform and look out and so many who'd encouraged me my whole life and to be leading the camp meeting where I was called to ministry as a kid was nothing short of wonderful and another dream come true!

- Bob and I were blessed to teach a class at VBS at my parents church. I must say, it was fun! Emmanuel Church of the Nazarene in Belleville has been SO good to us- they're our 2nd home church- and they love and support us well. We had fun playing with the kids and teaching VBS that week and hope we can work it out to do again.

- I went as a counselor for the 2nd year in a row to Children's Camp in Illinois. It was fun, however I was exhausted and sick at the end of the week. My allergies don't like camp. But, I had a great group of girls and we had fun. Praying with them and talking about Jesus is my favorite thing ever! I believe in kids camp!

- We've had a lot of fun with my parents and brother: We've eaten at some fun places, gone shopping, My Mom and I have watched some fun old TV shows together, cooked and tried some new recipes together and laughed a lot. I love my family.

- We've played games and gotten to spend time with friends this summer, too which I am always grateful for. And, of course, I had a couple sleepovers with my sweet Emma! We even went to Six Flags one day!

So, in the midst of a busy, but fun Summer, God has been good and blessed us. Our schedule continues to fill and we've had some great opportunities come our way. We're planning a couple new projects for next year and working on those. Bob is in the process of writing a book he's excited to share and we have some other fun surprises in the works too! I love life. I love Jesus. I love what He's called me to do.

I am sorry this post was so long. I have had many of you ask me when I'd update. Thanks for reading. Thanks for asking. If you're reading, let me know. I am not always sure who reads this. I promise to not let so much time pass between updates.

We kick off our fall revival season tomorrow and I'm excited. Praying for a harvest of souls for The Kingdom!

You are loved, friends!

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