Thanksgiving reflections...

Happy Thanksgiving

"I have not stopped giving thanks for you, remembering you in my prayers. I keep asking that the God of our Lord Jesus Christ, the glorious Father, may give you the Spirit of wisdom and revelation, so that you may know him better. I pray that the eyes of your heart may be enlightened in order that you may know the hope to which he has called you, the riches of his glorious inheritance in his holy people, "(Ephesians 1:16-18 NIV)

I am sitting in  my hotel room on a very cold Wednesday, Thanksgiving-eve afternoon in dis-belief that tomorrow is Thanksgiving! Already?!?! But, it is. We are in revival and closing out this evening then have about a 2 hour drive to my parents. (or our IL home) We haven't spent Thanksgiving together in several years. After we were married we began going to Georgia to be with my husbands side of the family. I've enjoyed that and we will be going again, our schedule just didn't work out this year to be in the south. SO, I'll enjoy being in IL with my parents and my brother and Erin. Well and of course my husband! :)

When I started this blog I began a yearly tradition of the 100 things I'm most thankful for. I really honestly like doing this and look forward to writing it and sharing it with you! SO, without further delay, here goes: (and please know these are not in any particular order, just the order my brain decided to shoot them out!)

1. My Salvation-best decision I ever made was to accept Jesus as my own personal Savior as a little girl.
2. My husband- second best decision I ever made. He is amazing
3. the ministry God has chosen to bless us with. The open doors and many opportunities amaze me. God IS good!
4. That I am living my dream- traveling and singing and ministering with my husband. God does all things well.
5. For the 67 lbs I've lost the last 2 years. And for the 30 more I'm going to lose next! :)
6. For the many souls who've been saved,sanctified and healed this year in our meetings. 
7. My parents- they're amazing and the best there is!
8. My brother, Aaron who makes me laugh like no other 
9. Erin, my brother's significant other (and yes they have the same name!) whom I've grown to love and admire
10. That I was privileged to share a day and sing with Sandi Patty this last Spring. HUGE dream for me!
11. My home Church, Grace Church of the Nazarene in Nashville, TN- wonderful body who loves and support us so well.
12. Music City Mission- compassion is a lifestyle. God has blessed
13. My friends- too many to name here, and I'd get in trouble and hurt someones feelings. BUT, I have a wonderful, close group of friends who support us, love us, pray for us and encourage us. What more do I need?
14. My god-parents, Jim and Phyllis- 2 of God's finest people.
15. Emma- my sweet, sweet, Emma. Being her "Aunt JJ" is one of my favorite roles in  life. That baby girl captured my heart the moment she entered the world
16. Emmanuel Church of the Nazarene, the church my Dad pastors in IL- this bunch supports and claims us as their own and have been so sweet to us! they're our second home church!
17. The many covenant partners who support BWEA monthly financially and through prayer.
18. Diet Coke- don't send me messages on how I should stop drinking it either. I love it!
19. My Mom's strawberry cake. Thankfully my b-day is next week and I'll get to have some!
20. Answered prayers
21. my in-laws- they raised their son, my husband so well and showed Him Jesus. Couldn't ask for much more
22. for every opportunity God gives me to share the Gospel
23. I'm not lacking for anything....
24. Good health
25. A godly Chiropractor who keeps us moving!
26. The opportunity to write and review music for Absolutely Gospel
27. My phone- I know, I know, weird, but I have pretty much my entire life at my fingertips.
28. My GPS- I'd be lost without it, folks!
29. Family Time- LOVE LOVE LOVE being with my family
30. Lunches with girlfriends- I have a few I love to have lunch with and solve the world's problems
31. Thad and Katie- been my rock, solid friends for over a decade and who've stood with me through the hardest, darkest days and celebrated with me on my best days! They can make me smile when I'm at my lowest. 
32. Sonya's enchilada's. She makes the best ever and is one of my amazing friends!
33. Old TV shows. love to watch them!
34. for the encouragement many folks give me every night
35. for social media.
36. Monical's Pizza... :)
37. For those who text and tell me they're praying for us at random times
38. for the salvation of my Uncle, Darrell, my mom's brother- HUGE answer to prayer this year
39. For my Grandparents, although they're gone, they left a rich legacy for me
40. my bed (when you travel as much as I do, your bed becomes so dear....)
41. My Bible...a wedding gift from my husband
42. my wedding rings. I cherish them
43. Safety while traveling
44. Good health for my husband this year
45. Clean water to drink 
46. heat and air-conditioning
47. that God is faithful
48. The Word of God! 
49. Bob Evan's Buy one get one free coupons I get each week- love to have breakfast there with my husband!
50. Girl's night! 
51. For all the good cooks who've cooked for us this last year! YUM!
52. McDonald's $1 drinks
53. That I've tried my hand at more cooking this year and done OK... (on most things)
54. The pecan pie bar a sweet lady made for us this week- it is absolutely amazing!
55. That I have a husband who is so encouraging to me
56. new friends 
57. My Kindle Fire- so easy to have a lot of books with me on the road
58. the churches and pastors who've allowed us to minister- we don't take that lightly!
59. fellowship with pastors and families- we love that
60. to be part of the family of God
61. for Music....
62. the songwriters who've written such beautiful words and melodies that we sing
63. our sound equipment- makes my job so much easier
64. Protection when we've almost gotten into some sticky situations
65. the fun little places we find when traveling
66. for wise council and advice I receive from a few trusted few
67. my memory foam pillow- keeps my neck happy!
68. the little gifts my husband randomly gives me
69. That God supplies ALL our needs
70. Forgiveness- had to accept it and give it many times
71. The generosity of others
72. Surprises
73. the gift baskets left in our hotel rooms- such a fun treat every time
74. The comfort only The Holy Spirit can give
75. Friends who "get" me
76. Makeup- face it, I need it. So do most of us, if we admit it! :)
77. hair spray- I should buy stock in it!
78. comfortable high heels
79. my black skirt- I have several but I have a favorite one that I can't stop wearing!
80. shopping with my Mom- so many memories made and great conversations
81. My husbands sense of humor- he is hilarious
82. The opportunities we have to meet and work with some incredible people.
83. For those who've gone before me and paved the way
84. my Calendar- I'd be lost without it
85. days I can sleep in
86. for those who help us with our ministry- Liz, Kat and Rebecca
87. Christmas movies
88. my popcorn popper
89. chocolate covered pretzels
90. games- love to play with family and friends
91. the ability to be so connected to friends and family
92. to live in the USA
93. basements..... (yes, you read that correctly, you see we're temporarily living in my in-laws basement while we look for a house!)
94. That both sets of our parents support us immensely 
95. that my parents raised me in the church and showed me Jesus
96. the Hope of Heaven
97. laughter
98. pictures
99. our SUV we travel in- been good to us and fits everything perfectly!
100. For you that took the time to read my blog!

Happy Thanksgiving, my friends! May you be richly blessed!
To God be the Glory great things He has done!

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