2014 News Digest...

I honestly thought I had blogged recently. Seriously. It wasn't until a sweet lady asked me after a service recently about my blog did I realize my slacking! I haven't blogged since November??? WHAT??

I feel bad. Ok, that's maybe pushing it, but I do enjoy blogging and sharing what's going on with us, and to realize so much has happened since I have.....ok, enough, here we go. Where to start.....

After Thanksgiving we entered into a busy Christmas season. We celebrated my birthday, had a big snow storm and a revival cancel because of it, but we enjoyed an extra week in IL because of it!

Our biggest ministry event in December is our Music City Mission (www.musiccitymission.org) Christmas Party. It was awesome! My precious husband, got the flu the week of the party. I have NEVER seen that man of mine so sick in my life. I remember taking him to the DR and how difficult it was to even get him to walk into the office- he was so weak. He didn't even want to eat! LOL! Thankfully, the DR gave him some awesome meds and even had me take some to make sure I didn't get it. He was down for 10 days! 10 very long days! It broke my heart to see him so sick! He missed the Christmas Party, but I have to tell you, our volunteers STEPPED UP big time and carried the load and helped me through it! I was blown away how smooth it went and how amazing it was. Terry Hedges and Jeff and Sue Duffield did wonderful presenting The true meaning of Christmas-Jesus with the kids and their parents! I am so thankful for MCM and for the joy I saw on the kids and parents faces on this special day! God is good!

The day after was a Sunday and was supposed to be our last Christmas concert of the season. Bob was in NO shape to even go. SO, my amazing friends and mentors, Jeff and Sue Duffield (www.sueduffield.com) went along with  me and played the piano (well Jeff did) and sang with me and then did some of their own songs!My friend, LeeAnne, who seriously should be my manager full-time (if I could afford her!) and who so graciously always steps up to help us in many capacities also went with me and handled so much for me! Such a relief and a huge blessing! We had a great day!

Christmas was a wonderful time, as always for our family. I think the sweetest part was having my Mom's brother, Darrell with us. If you know our family well, you know Darrell's story. To see him living for Jesus, working, attending church and doing so well is a HUGE answer to prayer! I wish my Grandma and Grandpa had been there- we'd have really been complete, but I think, in some way they got to peek down and see us celebrating!

On Christmas, my husband also surprised me with a trip to the Dominican Republic! To say I was surprised is a huge understatement. My friend Sonya and I left the first of Feb for a week down in paradise. It was BEAUTIFUL, warm, sunny and so relaxing! I can not WAIT to go back! What a man of mine to send me on a girl's trip for a week just to relax and re-charge. I missed him something terrible, but SO glad he did this for me!

On January 2, my Mother-in-Law, Martha fell and broke her hip. Bless her heart, we had just had a delicious lunch and were about to leave to head to GA for revival and she fell in our house. She ended up having replacement surgery the next day and was in the hospital a few days and then moved to a wonderful re-hab facility near our house! She's been home about a month now and is doing well. My Father in law is a great care-giver and is so loving and patient with her! He is a good man!

My brother recently got engaged....to a precious girl named Erin! So, Aaron and Erin are getting married next summer in New York and we're super excited for them. She is an answer to prayer and a wonderful young lady!

As I write this, we are in the middle of revival in central IL. Our Spring revival season is in full swing and we're heading to IN, AR, OK and FL next. I can not wait to see what God has in store in each of these churches! 7 people were saved yesterday! PTL! Nothing is sweeter or thrills my heart more than that!

I am also working on a new solo project and Bob and I are also working on another duet one, too! I always say I am excited about each one, and I really do mean it, but I REALLY am excited about these!

We have a busy rest of the year ahead of us. At times it seems overwhelming, but, I am so grateful we are busy and that God is opening doors for this ministry.

I promise my next blog will not be as long and will be more spiritual! HA! I love hearing from you and love when someone tells me they read my blog! I WILL do better about blogging!


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