The Answer

It's 2:28 AM and we leave out for 2 months of camp meetings, revivals and concerts in 8 hours and I have exactly 2 things packed and ready to go....sad, scary and funny all at the same time, if you ask me!

I get asked all the time why I haven't blogged lately. I feel bad about it. I really do. Life has been utterly crazy. But the good kind....So, since sleep isn't coming anytime soon, I thought this was the perfect time to blog...So, grab some lemonade and sit back and let's catch up a bit....

Since I last wrote, we finished up our Spring revival season. We were in Illinois, Indiana, Oklahoma, Arkansas and Florida! It was an awesome 3 months! We spent a month of it down in beautiful, sunny Florida! It was phenomenal.

We spent time with friends in each of the places and also made some new friends! We experienced some awesome moves of God and His presence changed hearts and lives! I love to see God work!

My dear sweet husband also experienced a horrible case of laryngitis. It took him 3 full weeks off the road to recover. It was awful. We had to re-schedule 2 revival meetings because of his lack of voice and it was difficult to do that. But, I am thankful he is almost back to full voice.

We kicked Summer off last week in Dickson, TN at Camp Meeting and had an awesome time! It was a privilege to be on our home turf and minister with some anointed Men of God- Dr. Talmadge Johnson and Rev. Ian Fitzpatrick. What a thrill! I love camp meetings!

We are working on 2 new projects- a duet one and my new solo record and I am excited! I have some great material already and have some demos yet to check out but I am praying and trusting God for His Will and direction for each and every song.

On a personal note: My sweet Mother in law, Martha broke her second hip last month and had replacement surgery again. (she broke her right hip in January...) She is a trooper and is recovering and working hard to get back to normal! My Father in law is the epitome is a loving husband and cares for her so well.

We moved in with my in-laws last fall when our condo sold and thought it would be temporary. But, after much prayer and conversations,and drawing up some plans,  we've decided to remain here for now. So, the last 3 months has been a construction zone here and the progress is quite amazing. Our own little house is coming along quite nicely and I am anxious to get it all done!

 We're blessed with family that truly love, support and care for us and our ministry so deeply.

As we travel, I see more and more just how desperately our world, our church, our homes, our lives truly need Jesus. I've sat and listened to many pastors, pastors wives,and lay people pour their heart out over lost loved ones or other life-altering, traumatic situations. My heart is burdened and heavy for so many needs. Even now my mind is spinning with people's faces.....I have my own list of worries and frustrations yet I know that even when I can't fix things (and trust me I love to) that I know the One who IS THE answer to every questions, situation and heartbreak. Jesus is our hope!

I heard an old song today as I was driving...the chorus says this:

"Jesus is still The Answer and though time and ages roll. Jesus is still The Answer, He's the answer for your soul. And though some may say He doesn't fit with their Philosophy, I know Jesus is still The answer He's always been and always will be!"

I love love love that lyric! Today, whatever it is, He is your answer! I am so thankful, once again that I get to do what I do. I wouldn't want to do anything else than serve Jesus and tell others that He is Our blessed hope!

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