Saturday Thoughts...

I am sitting in Elijah Conference. This, sadly is our last day. :( I am sad. I have had a MARVELOUS time! I have learned SO much. I want to quickly share a few highlights:

1. I can sing and sing well with less monitor and without pushing so hard vocally- Allison had me do this and it worked!

2. There are some amazingly talented people who I now call friends that were at the conference. I have made some awesome connections and friends this week and I am better for their advice, love, encouragement and getting to watch and listen to their stories and music and what God is doing in their ministry.

3. Allison Speer is still, after 18 years my hero. I met Allison when I was a little girl, She came to our church for a special concert. She asked me, a 10 year old girl to sing in her concert. It was a life-changing night for me. She has continued to be a constant source of support, love, and friendship to me over the years. I am grateful to her and always will be. She and Brian are true servants. I love them!

4. Be prepared at all times....what a lesson and concept!

Well, I will stop for now, I have some friends who are singing and I want to enjoy their ministry!

I love you all!

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