Catching up/Allison Speer CD Release Concert...

It is 1:07 AM on Monday morning. So hard to believe I am still awake. We arrived home from Indiana at 3:00 AM Sunday morning. I was so tired. It was a great week. God really, really blessed the crusade in a powerful way. I was honestly past tired every night when we got back to our hotel to blog. So, I'll try to highlight a few things. I saw many, many people get saved, delivered, healed and their walks with Christ renewed and strengthened. We worshipped and felt the Holy Spirit in an awesome way. Bro McGee preached better than I have heard him in a while. (not to say he isn't always wonderful, because he is an anointed preacher!) Bob and I flow so well with him, it's really an awesome team. A huge part of that is because Bob traveled full time with Jerry and Freedom Crusade Ministries for 10 years. Since Bob and I have been ministering together for over 3 years now and flow together so well, it's natural the 3 of us would be able to work well together. We enjoyed fellowshipping with friends from the area, made some new friends and contacts, sold lots of CD's (always a plus) and enjoyed a little quiet time, too! Our voices held up well and for that I am thankful. I am glad we were able to be with the sweet people of Seymour, Indiana and look forward to next year. We're excited to do more dates and meetings with Bro. McGee this year and next....

Now, onto today. Tonight I went over to Grace Church of the Nazarene (our sister church) to see Allison Speer. Allison is my musical hero. She has been since we met when I was 10 years old. She made a HUGE impact on me and still has a powerful influence on me today as an artist/communicator/minister. Bless her heart, she had laryngitis and had been on medicine all week to get better and strengthen her voice. This evening was extra special because many, many friends and some industry personnel were in attendance because Allison was debuting her new CD, "The Holy Hills." Being the trooper she is, Allison delivered each song with her pure, sweet, clear vocals. She didn't miss a beat and made it through all 13 songs. She sang each song on her new CD. Grace Church choir sang on 4 of them as well and did an outstanding job. In case anyone cares, my personal favorites from the CD are: Why Trouble the Master, When the Saints, Tell the Storm and Never Walk Alone. Don't get me wrong, there isn't a bad song on the CD and she does each one beautifully, but those in particular are my favorites! It was a great night and I got to see some Elijah buddies and other friends and got to hug my hero and friend! We chatted briefly afterwards and made plans to get together when we both return from or trips this week, so I'm looking forward to that.

As I write this, I am on my 3rd load of laundry of the evening and have begun the unpacking and repacking process! I have a list of errands to run tomorrow and then early Tuesday morning Bob and I are off to Louisville, KY for NQC (National Quartet Convention.) One of my favorite events of the year! We can only be there 4 days due to our schedule of craziness these next few weeks, but we'll make the most of it. We'll also be bringing a load of supplies and donations for MCM home from our friends in Scottsburg, IN.

I hear the dryer, so I better close.....I probably won't blog about NQC until after I return home, it's a busy time and I am usually pretty spent when I get back to the hotel. Be blessed, my friends!

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  1. Thanks for writing about Allison's concert. I wish I could have been there - it must have been awesome!!

    Have fun at NQC :)