Sunday and Monday...

Well, it is 12:19 AM. We just got back to the hotel. I am enjoying some chocolate chip cookies baked fresh for us by the hotel staff and sipping a diet coke as I type this!

The crusade is going awesome! Last night, for an opening service on a Sunday night was incredible. The tent was full. Great crowd and great spirit. My voice held out and I was SO thankful. Tonight was no exception either. Hearing people share with me how a certain song we sang ministered to them truly makes every drop of sweat and frustration worth it. I'll be honest, It's hot singing under a tent, my allergies don't like it, there is no bathroom ( I actually go to a McDonald's about 10 minutes away 30 mins prior to the start of service.) and we have to set up and tear down every night. Those things I don't necessarily like, but when precious people come up to me after the service and share their heart with me I tend to forget the negative! However, the Holy Spirit has shown up and I am excited to see what the rest of the week holds.

Yesterday morning we were with our friends at Scottsburg First Southern Baptist- a wonderful church and we simply love Pastor Danny and Deanna and their family. After the service we went out for lunch and then I came back to the hotel and switched our room! (Shout out to Jim and ROCK and we LOVE you!) The hotel staff here is amazing. They treat us SO well and have taken great care of us. I love it.

Today was a wonderful, quiet day. I slept in a little, got breakfast at the hotel, cuddled up on the couch and watched a little tv, relaxed in the jacuzzi tub and had a nap all before we had to get ready to head to the venue/tent! It was wonderful. I do have to get some work done tomorrow, so says my boss! HA!

I hope everyone enjoyed their Labor Day! You are loved...

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