September already??

I can not believe it is Labor Day weekend! WOW...this time last year I was in IL at my parents and we had our wedding shower! Tonight, I am in a hotel room in Indiana. Bob and I begin a week-long tent crusade tomorrow with Jerry McGee. We are excited and expecting a great week of ministry. Jerry will preach and we'll sing. It'll be fun to be here together and have some of the "old team" that used to travel together several years ago. If you think about it, pray for us. I am recovering from being sick and for the most part am, but I have a lot of drainage still and that effects my voice. We have been so tired and are just literally exhausted. Bob played golf today with our good friend, Pastor Danny Jackson. I stayed at the hotel and visited with another friend from here and ate Cheez-It's! Tonight we went to the tent to check things out and assimilate then had dinner at Chili's. Now, we are back at the hotel watching a litttle tv and trying to decide what outfit to wear tomorrow! HA!

Today is my best guy friend,aside from my husband, Thad's birthday. I miss him and Katie- ok, well really I just miss Emma! LOL. I seriously miss the three of them intensely. Florida is too far away from Tennessee and we don't see each other enough. I wished we had celebrated together. My family is together at my parents. We have a traditional Labor Day get togetherw ith my mom and dad, my brother and god-parents. I HATE not being there this year and have missed them alll so much. However, I am so grateful that I get to be where I am and doing what I love.

The other day I was talking to Thad and he told me he reads this, which he better be! But, he said I don't really focus in on one particular area that I am all over the place. I was like, well, ok. Am I sinning? Is there a blogger rule about that? So, I decided. I am not ready or at a place where I want to write about one thing or one topic. So, for now, I will basically be sharing about our life. Mine and Bob's and our ministry. Hope that's ok with all of you! :)

Well, I will try to update each day while we're here in Indiana. I am anxious to hit the pool first chance I get! Well, Cheez It's are calling me and a new episode of Law and Order has begun....

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  1. Missed you too! Glad you had a great revival and woderful time in IN. Wish we could have joined you but some time in the near future we will get to sing together again!