Well, I think the "cat is out of the bag" for the most part. I've purposely not blogged much until I could freely discuss what's happening in our lives. Bob and I have officially resigned as pastor of our church. We are going back into full-time evangelism. We will also continue Music City Mission ( and carry on that portion of our ministry. We are beyond excited. Change can be scary, stressful, exciting and fun all at the same time. I have and continue to experience all of these feelings daily.

I have dreamed of this day for a long, long time. I'll be honest. I truly feel like God has given me the desires of my heart. I used to love to go to camp meeting each year and watch the song evangelists. Where I'm from, we usually had a husband/wife team and I studied them and dreamed of one day being "them" with my husband. I wanted to travel and sing about Jesus. Quite honestly, it's all I've ever wanted to do. When I met Bob and heard his many, many stories and experiences of being a full time evangelist before pastoring Radnor, I knew in my heart we'd one day be back on the road. After months of long discussions with each other, with our families and some friends and a lot of prayer, we felt released to leave our church and go. We knew God would have to open some doors for us- churches are cutting back on revivals and concerts, but we trusted God to supply our needs. It excites me to say that God has been faithful and our schedule is filling beyond what I dreamed!

We're in the process of working on some new projects. We'll be recording a worship and classics project together as a duet and I'll also be starting my sophomore solo project. I am already excited about the songs I have for that one! Our new website is up,, there'll be more and more additions coming over the next few weeks. We've been purchasing new sound equipment, adjusting to being booking agents and our own PR people. Bob is writing again and I am excited about the songs the Lord is giving him as well as some new sermons! Things are busy....well, they're crazy at times,yet, I wouldn't trade my life for anything else.

I do want to say that with all of the excitement I am feeling and the anxiousness to go and sing and minister where God has called us, it's also a little bittersweet. Radnor is where Bob and I met. We met and fell in love literally in our church and were also married there. I have seen lives changed and kids come to know Jesus there. While I know God has a great, exciting plan for the church and the new things to come there, I know it's the end of what has been as far as ministry is there. Most of the Charter members have gone onto heaven and the others have moved or attend other churches now. However, being in the center of His will is where I want to be so I thank God for the memories and will always hold them close.

Pray for us. We have so many things to transition on many levels. We have been traveling already for about a month while finishing up our last few weeks at the church and also things at MCM. There is much to be done. I  am excited about the future. I am excited to see lives changed and souls saved! I thank the Lord that He is allowing me to live my dream.

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