A weary (but thankful) traveler...

I can't describe how tired I am feeling tonight. Physically I am drained. My voice is shot. We have just finished 8 weeks of non stop revivals and concerts. I have 6 days off... then we have 4 crazy weeks and then Christmas.

On the way back to our hotel tonight I was in tears of exhaustion and relief- all at the same time. Yet, I felt guilty for feeling tired and at my "enough" point. I told one of my dearest friends that I feel guilty if I ever complain or say "I've had it!" because God has blessed me so much more than I ever imagined and I am so privileged to get to tell people about Him.

My husband told me it's ok to feel like I've had "enough" and that I shouldn't feel guilty. Since he's usually right, I won't beat myself up too bad. Instead, I am going to get a good night's rest, start tomorrow off with a great breakfast and long swim! I know I'll be ok. I've given all I have to give this fall. I've seen some awesome stuff and rejoiced and weeped with friends and family.

God is so good. It's not just  cliche, it's TRUTH!

I get to hold my precious Emma tomorrow and surprise her at school. I will be with my dear friends this week and then be with my husbands family for Thanksgiving. I am blessed beyond measure.

So, I am going to shut down my laptop, take my contacts out and drag myself over to our comfy bed here in beautiful Florida and thank the Lord for another day to serve Him!

Happy Thanksgiving week....we are a blessed people.

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