The Upper Window...

I don't often take requests during a revival. Many times someone wants their favorite song sung and it's just not possible to make that happen. However, Sunday night, the pastor of the church where we are this week hollered for me and asked me if there was ANY way I could sing a special song for him. I asked him what it was and he said "The Upper Window."

I knew the song. I had heard an old man in our church sing it growing up and I thought it was kind of a funny song. I had heard song evangelists sing it and cry, too and I never got why.

Since I love this particular pastor and his wife, I told him I'd try to get chords for it and we'd try it. I went back to my hotel room that night and found the song on YouTube. I played it for Bob and he said he'd gladly play it and we'd fit it in a service.

I laid there for a while praying, reading, listening and eventually falling asleep listening to the song. I still wasn't sure it was the greatest song ever but knew it meant a lot to this pastor so I was happy to oblige.

Tonight I sang "The Upper Window" I started the song and within moments,I felt it. I could see the message was being felt by those in the congregation. Many were crying, wiping their eyes, shouting "Amen", raising their hands... I understood!

Check this out:

When God spoke unto Noah, and told him to build the ark, 
The Lord knew well the vessel would cheerless be and dark, 
So God said, build a window, with outlook toward the sky, 
That when it's dark and lonesome, you'll see Me standing by. 

* Refrain: 
The storms will come, but fear not, oh, children, I am nigh, 
And through the upper window, you'll see Me standing by. 

 It may be that affliction will rack and rend your frame, 
Until your mortal body is seared with fevered flame, 
But do not be discouraged, just lift your tear-dimmed eye, 
And through the upper window, you'll see Me standing by. 

 Perhaps you'll suffer losses, like houses, lands, and gold, 
And you will feel you're homeless, and penniless, and old; 
But sweetest peace and comfort will lift your painful sigh, 
When through the upper window, you'll see Me standing by. 

 It may be that bereavement will take a loved one dear, 
A soul that brought you gladness, real happiness and cheer; 
But it will cheer your sad heart, when loved ones from you fly, 
When through the upper window, you'll see Me standing by.

I stopped in the middle of the song and shared that I have known this old song all my life yet never got it until this week. Where would we be without that upper window? The storms of life WILL come. We will have loss, grief, pain, heartache...yet HE IS WITH US! HE IS NIGH! Look up to that upper window and you'll see HIM standing by! 

Maybe I should re-think taking requests?

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  1. Amen friend. Thank you for the reminder and your words of encouragement! He is standing by!