Ladies Luncheon Blessings...

Most of you know that part of our ministry is directing a non-profit, Music City Mission. ( Bob has been part of this ministry since it's conception in 2003. I joined the fun in 2007 when we began dating. Today, I am the Director of Community Relations and Events. A title I swore I'd never have. But, I love it. I will admit, it is a lot of work to run a ministry administratively from the road and keep up with everything we have going, yet God has given us this passion and ministry and we're walking through each and every door He opens.

One of the events that we have each year is our Ladies Luncheon. For this special day, we invite ladies that we and other agencies serve who are in drug and alcohol recovery programs, domestic violence situations, prostitution houses and other life-altering situations. We treat them to a delicious meal, a special gift bag full of useful items they'll need, music, books and most of all....a Bible! We give them hair cuts, massages, offer medical screenings, chiorpractic care, financial services and other useful resources for them. We also bring in a top notch speaker and also singer. This year we welcomed former Avalon and Truth soprano, Melissa Greene. She is fantastic. Check her out, She did amazing! Women of Faith Author and Speaker, Angie Smith ( shared her incredible story and offered hope in Christ Jesus. It was a fabulous day. My former boss and friend, Dr. Beverly McManus, whose a Christian Counselor in Franklin, TN ( came and was our emcee. I couldn't have been happier.

My favorite moment, however was at the end.  I had prayer partners arranged to pray with those who wanted prayer during the invivation time. I also was one of them. I can't tell you the joy and the thrill it gave me to hug each one of them and tell them, "I love you. God loves you. There IS hope, you can be set free." I prayed over each precious woman as she poured out her heart to me. Many simply needed salvation. Some needed to be delivered from their drug addiction. Some simply wanted to get their children back. One sweet lady wanted me to pray her kids couldn't end up like her. It broke my heart. Yet, I felt hope arise as we prayed.

You see, in all things, whether big or small, we have an expectation. I had expectations for this event. I was excited at how well things were coming together. I was elated about all the women signed up to come. Less than 24 hours before the event we had a couple mis-haps. Neither one were anything I or my volunteers and staff could control. We had planned, prepared and worked hard. I was frustrated. I was angry. I was driving home at 12:30AM the night before the event and cried out to God, "How could this happen? I have worked so hard. Why did these things have to go wrong?"

The event would go on and be wonderful. No one but me and a few others would know of our little "snag."

The event went on as planned and I have to tell you in that moment with my arms wrapped around each precious woman, it didn't matter what did or did not happen. God showed up. His presence was real. He had dealt with hearts. He had used music and the spoken Word to minister to every woman in a real way.

It became so clear to me that I can plan and prepare for months (and I do.) I can work hard. I can think I have it all together. But, ultimately it's the Jesus' thing...NOT mine. I am glad it's His. He is much better than I ever could be. He knew who needed to be there and who didn't. He knew what should or should not happen, not me! God is awesome!

I am so thankful for the privilege to serve at MCM. I am thankful for the precious moments I had to hug each woman and love on them.

As I was saying goodbye at the end, a sweet woman named Angela came up to me, hugged me and said, "Jennifer, thank you and Music City Mission for showing me love and hope today. I hope God blessed you real good."

He has, Angela, He has.....

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