Stand On His Word

I was influenced by a lot of gospel singers growing up. I would listen for hours to my favorites and study the way they'd phrase, place their tones,  their dynamics and most of all their passion and anointing. Those last two  always stuck out to me. I wanted to sing. I wanted to minister and change people's hearts like my heroes.

 I remember when I was about 10 years old, my Dad had a cassette in his car and we were heading on a trip and he turned on this group. They began singing and I was instantly taken back by the female in the group. I asked my Dad for the cassette jacket and he gave it to me. It was The McGruders. The lady I heard singing was Priscilla McGruder. I was instantly taken with her powerful vocals, passion and anointing. I was hooked.

Several years later I was living in Nashville and working for the McGruder's record label, Zion Music Group. Naturally, when you work at a record company there is a lot of music. Often our office would be quiet and I would listen to our artists. I usually played The McGruders or one of Priscilla's solo projects. One day I found a newer song of theirs and was instantly blessed by it. It's called "Stand on His Word." Here are the words...

  I know for sure that life can let you down.
And those voices in your head will start to pound.
Oh there's pain and woe about you, testing everything you've heard.
When you've everything you can to stand, stand on His Word.

 When you've done all that you can, stand on His Word.
When you've stood all you can stand, do what you've learned.
Remember all you've read is true, God said He'll always bring you through.
In spite of everything you've heard, stand on His Word.

   Like satan came to Job, he'll come to you.
Accusing God, denying faith is true.
In life's darkest trial, God understands.
Trust His holy Word, stand on His Word.

  In spite of everything you've heard, stand on His Word

I absolutely love this song!  It is one of my favorite songs Priscilla ever sang. 

How often, when in a situation or crisis do we stand on everything BUT the Word of God. I know I've been guilty. When life is difficult, painful, hard, low and we're at our worst we don't have to look any further than The Word. We can trust it. We can cling to it. We can grab hold of it and know every single promise is kept and that God is, has been and will be faithful.

May we stop searching in all the wrong places when our answers are already given to us. Praise God for HIS WORD! May we live it, breath it, and soak it in. It's life-changing.

Lord, thank you for your precious Holy Word that we can stand on and that we can claim. 

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