Dreams Do Come True Part 1

I've sat down to write about last Saturday several times. Each time I have, I can't. I can't figure out how to say what I really want to say. I've decided to put it into 2 parts since there's so much to share....

I want it to be perfect. To be right. To capture exactly how I feel. So many people have asked how this all came together and want the details, so here's my attempt to capture the story.

As most of you know, Bob and I direct, Music City Mission (www.musiccitymission.org) in Nashville, TN in addition to traveling full time singing and preaching. Bob was part of this ministry long before I came along. One of the big events that MCM hosts every spring is our Annual Ladies Luncheon. This day is set aside for women dealing with tough stuff and who need love, encouragement and hope.

A little over a year ago I began praying and thinking about who I wanted to come to our 2013 event. I had this dream. It was a BIG dream. I wanted Sandi Patty. I told myself I was silly for thinking such a thing that it'd never happen. In fact numerous friends and family members laughed at me like I was crazy.

 One day I sent an email to Sandi's daughter, Anna, whom I know worked for her management company. Anna and I chatted for months about it and one very unexpected day she informed me that Sandi would love to come to our event! WHAT!?!?

I was blown away. I couldn't believe it. After a lot more communication and working out details and the date, we decided on Saturday, April 13th. I spent months working, planning, praying and dreaming of this day! In the course of the planning I told Anna what Sandi meant to me and how I had grown up a huge fan, how her music had inspired me and changed me. I also told her I would love to sing with her.

Last Saturday 120 precious women and a host of volunteers came to our ladies luncheon. They were loved on, pampered, were fed a delicious meal prepared by some of the most generous and awesome women anywhere and were shown the love of Jesus.

Sandi shared her incredible story of God' redeeming grace and mercy and how He can take the pieces of our messy lives and put them back together again. (if you haven't read her story, PLEASE go get her book, "Broken on the Back Row" you won't be sorry!) She sang her heart out. She chose the perfect songs that were just perfect for those precious women.

We had numerous women at the altars praying with our prayer partners. Some women even prayed after the event was over with them!  We had a sweet, sweet, young woman give her heart to Christ!  That alone makes it worthwhile. We had numerous ladies set free from addictions and many women who just had some hope restored. The anointing upon that day and the  Spirit in the church was so evident and just sweet.

I couldn't have asked for a better day. It couldn't have gone better. I seriously was blessed beyond words and will never forget Saturday, April 13th.

Thank You, Jesus.

Stay tuned for Part 2....


  1. Can't wait for the rest of the story

  2. I was sad to have missed it, but I'm glad that it was a memorable moment, with eternal rewards. I love what God does! May it continue to reap huge dividends.