Dreams Do Come True Part 2

To say I had so many emotions going through my mind the weeks leading up to our event on April 13th would be a huge understatement.

If you didn't know me as a little girl, let me share with you what life was like for me...

My Dad is a pastor and my Mom a teacher. I grew up in the church. (literally) Everything we did centered around church and I, for the most part loved it. I knew no different. My parents loved music. They would have all kinds of christian music playing in the car or at home. One day I found a cassette tape titled, "Love Overflowing" by a pretty young woman named "Sandi Patti"  I listened to it and immediately even at 5 years old fell in love.

I memorized every song on the tape and every song of hers thereafter.  I would beg my Mom and Dad for anything Sandi sang on. They would buy me every tape (and later CD), every book, every t-shirt,  took me to concerts, etc....I was hooked! I also joined her famous, "Friendship Company" and was a card carrying member and proud of it!

Through the years as I knew I would spend my life in music and ministry, I would study how she placed tones and try to emulate that into my own singing. Sandi was my hero, I hate to use the term "idol" but, to some degree she was.

I knew several weeks prior to the event I would get to sing with Sandi. On the morning of the event we chatted about lots of stuff and she asked me what some of my favorite hymns were. We decided on a few and planned out a little medley.

When I walked on stage with her and we sang, it was a moment I'll never forget. It was a dream come true, (literally) and I'll cherish it forever. We didn't really do what we had planned but it was even better. She affirmed me and said some things to me that I'll carry with me always. She was the real deal. She was transparent, open and, just, beautiful.

As a little girl when I'd lay in my bed at night falling to sleep listening to her music, I'd pray and ask God to let me sing for Him. To one day let me meet her and sing with her. He answered my prayers. He gave me the desires of my heart.

He truly is the dream giver and is so faithful.

Thank You, Sandi for your heart, for being real and for sharing it with me. You'll always be my hero. And Thank You, Jesus for the gift.

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