Father's Day Reflections

I couldn't let Father's Day go by without honoring my Dad and the men who've helped shape and mold me. I've said it many times before and I'll keep saying it until my last breath, but I am extremely blessed. I have a Dad who absolutely loves me and is amazing. He really is the best Dad a child could have. I married my husband  and gained a Father-in-law who loves the Lord, loves his family and has welcomed me as a daughter in law beautifully. My parents gave my brother and I wonderful god-parents and Jim, my god-father  is one of the finest, godliest men I know. My Grandpa, (I only knew one, my maternal one) is in heaven but left a rich legacy of holiness for us to follow. See, I am blessed. Now, excuse me while I take a few moments to reflect and honor these men who mean more to me than they'll ever know....

My Dad is a pastor. He has always loved pastoring, loved Jesus, loved the church and loved people. He is a godly, honest, loving man who works hard, tirelessly and selflessly. I've seen him give people the shirt off his back and help those who could never repay them. He has served our denomination with dignity, class and humility in many capacities .During the times of life when things were hard and not easy, Dad always made his family and his relationship with Christ his first priority and his faith in Christ never wavered. He is a rock! He never made me feel like the church or the work of the church was more important than my brother and I when we were kids. He always had time for us and was and still is always there for us. I honestly don't think Bob and I have bigger cheerleaders in ministry than my Dad (and Bob's Dad, too!) I could never re-pay or say thank you enough to my Dad for all that he has done and still does for me. God really smiled down on me when he made him my Dad. Daddy, I love you and am SO incredibly proud of you and so proud to be your daughter.

I have a Father-in-Law who also was a pastor. He is now retired but still has a pastors heart. Since the day I  met him he has loved and supported me. He encourages and supports Bob and I in so many ways I couldn't list them all here. He is funny, wise and quite the character. He raised an incredible son and it's such a blessing to see my husband pattern a lot of what he does after his Dad. Royce and Bob talk everyday, sometimes several times a day. My husband loves his Father. I am so glad! Royce is a godly man who takes care of his wife and family with such dignity and class. I am proud to be part of this family. Royce, thank you for loving me and being a great father-in-law. You're one of a kind! I love you!

Loyalty is so important in relationships. My God-father Jim and my god-mother Phyllis epitomize the word loyalty. They've been true blue friends to my parents for many, many years. They've been there through the good, bad, ugly and celebrated in the good, funny and happy times. Jim is a man of integrity, a godly man and a man after God's own heart. I love to talk to him and learn from him. He is fun to be around. Some of my favorite memories growing up and some of my favorite times now are when we're all together eating pizza, popping popcorn, talking scripture and theology while playing Rook or Up and Down the River together. Jim is an outstanding god-father and I'm SO glad my parents chose him! Love you, Jim! Thank you for all you bring to my life.

My precious Grandpa, Dr. Melvin W. Davis went to heaven 7 years ago. How time flies. He was a man of God who served the Lord faithfully until his dying day. He also was a pastor and also a teacher. He was a smart man who could do just about anything. He loved his family and loved His Jesus. I miss him and wish he could have been here for my wedding and to meet my husband. I've often imagined he and Bob talking theology and sharing stories from pastoring and preaching. I know Grandpa would've approved. I still have notes from one of his last sermons he preached in my Bible. I am thankful he raised my Mom in the church and taught her about Jesus. He did a good job! What a reunion we'll have in heaven one day. I love and miss you, Grandpa! Thank you for the heritage you gave us.

And I also want to add that one day, if God does bless Bob and I with a child, I know he or she will grow up with a wonderful Daddy who will show them love, care, time, attention and most of all Jesus.

I am blessed beyond measure and celebrate these godly men who've made my life richer, fuller and overflowing with abundance because of their love and sacrifices. Happy Father's Day!


  1. A beautiful tribute, Jenn! I love this line: "He is now retired but still has a pastor's heart." That could describe my Dad too. He 'retired' from full-time ministry in 2007, but continues to serve in interim ministry, and for the past year has taken on the job of editor of a church newspaper (for our denomination). Ministry is in the blood :)

  2. That's awesome! Once it's in your blood it's there forever!